Kochi Manufacturing Select Book
高知防災モノづくりSELECT BOOK(英語版)

  • ブックカテゴリ 防災
  • 発行日2023年12月01日
  • エリア 高知県


Together for preparing against disaster
Kochi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Products & Methods
Manufacturing Select Book

Making products to save lives.
We took the user’s perspective to make choosing disaster risk reduction products easier.
Behind the Products

■Products & Methods to prepare for disaster
■Products & Methods to escape disasters
■Products & Methods to live in an evacuation shelter
■Products & Methods for recovery and reconstruction


■Emergency supplies related products

■IT, techniques, construction methods, equipment, and materials

Kochi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Products Catalog
Kochi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Industry Association

Kochi Prefectural Commerce and Industry Labor Department, Industrial Promotion Division